On a mission for net zero emission

We believe we can build a better future; where humans, technology and nature live in harmony.
To accelerate the transition to a sustainable future by using technology to support the carbon cycle, i.e. removing CO2 from the atmosphere and returning it to the Earth.

Pragmatic Engineering for Climate Urgency

We realize the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for practical solutions. That's why we're committed to developing machines that use proven technology to remove CO2 from the air, as quickly as possible.

A Piece of the Puzzle Towards Net-Zero Emissions

By working collaboratively, we can play a crucial part in building a more sustainable future and the restoration of our ecosystem. Most of our efforts to combat climate change should be focused on reducing emissions, but we also need to start scaling carbon removal now if we are to meet our net-zero goals as quickly as possible.

Mission-Driven Engineering Team

Thoralf Gutierrez
CEO & Co-Founder
Spent five years at Tesla's Silicon Valley HQ, where he led the development of their big data analytics stack to increase speed of iteration on their hardware products, and built the engineering team behind it. He embodies the culture vital for rapidly scaling a hardware company.
Gauthier Limpens
CTO & Co-Founder
PhD in Thermodynamics who loves to get his hands dirty, from constructing heat pump prototypes in the lab to a year-long venture building solar and battery systems in Uganda.
Barak Gruberg
Everything Engineer
PhD in Particle Physics from Oxford. He spent eight years at CERN, where he worked on control systems, detectors, and data analysis. He embodies first-principles thinking. Most recently learning how to weld.
Brieuc Verougstraete
Sorbent Development
PhD in Carbon Capture, he has dedicated five years to innovating solid sorbents and pioneering new temperature swing adsorption methods. His deep domain expertise is invaluable to our team.
Pierre-Louis Christiane
Brings a wealth of experience from his career in impact investing, specifically focusing on energy, decarbonization, and social impact. His background includes consulting at BCG and obtaining an MBA from INSEAD. He is a master at financial modeling and closing deals.
Sibylle Soers
Founder's Associate
Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she has a strong bias for action. Her background in Chemical Engineering, combined with a Master's in Management from INSEAD, enables her to support the company's founders across all verticals of the business.
Pierre Ceysens
Systems Engineer
Comes from three years at Aerospacelab, a rapidly growing new space company, where he built things that were sent to space. He is now leading the machine design and systems engineering of our direct air capture machines.

Partners and Advisors

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