Join our mission

If you’re excited about combating climate change, we’d love for you to consider working at Sirona Technologies. It will be challenging, but you will be able to do your best work while collaborating with a team of exceptional and mission-driven engineers. There is nothing like feeling energized and knowing that what you do matters.

This page will guide you through what it’s like to work at Sirona and the open positions on the team. You’ll notice there is also a “Spontaneous application” position, and we encourage you to use it if you’re excited to join but don’t see an open position for you right now. There is a good chance you might be a fit for a position that we haven’t published yet.

Company Culture

Sirona Technologies has a strong company culture that revolves around the following principles:

Mission-driven: We all believe climate change is the biggest problem of our era, and we wouldn’t want to be working on anything else. This kind of environment energizes the team to meet audacious objectives as we say goodbye to office politics and focus on what really matters to advance the mission of the company.

Exceptional team: Given the importance of the problem we are working on, we ensure everyone on the team is technically excellent to help us reach our ambitious goals. Like a professional sports team, we hire top performers who push their limits. This allows us to give a lot of freedom and independence to team members, as we favor trusting people’s judgment over processes that slow them down. The good news is that this creates a virtuous cycle, as great engineers push each other to become even better engineers.

First principles thinking: When solving problems, we start from fundamental truths, allowing us to see opportunities that others don’t. We question conventional wisdom instead of taking it for granted. This fresh perspective sets the stage for future innovation.

Speed of iteration is paramount: Direct Air Capture only makes sense in the long term if we can make it much cheaper. We need to move down the cost curve, which depends on how many iterations we make on the technology. This is why we’ve built the entire business from the ground up to iterate faster, from being vertically integrated to building modular machines. It’s also about how we think every day: we have a strong bias for action. We prefer to build, test, and learn rather than overthink and over-model using incorrect hypotheses.

Mass production & automation: We leverage economies of scale and automate manufacturing to further reduce costs and reach the scale necessary to have a meaningful impact on climate. Being vertically integrated allows us to simplify our manufacturing process faster by co-locating the people designing the machines with those building them.

Responsible Engineer

Building a great product in a fast-moving and highly uncertain environment requires us to move away from traditional engineering management practices and instead towards a Responsible Engineer culture, where engineers have clear goals, agency, and accountability.

This approach involves splitting responsibilities for different functional outcomes among engineers, allowing them to optimize locally while ensuring collective results are close to the global optimum. This only works with a strong engineering team, as Responsible Engineers need to act as both systems engineers and project managers for their scope. The outcome is drastically faster and overall much better results.

The following is an internal document we use as a reference. It explains the Responsible Engineer framework in more detail and will give you an idea of the level of ownership engineers have at Sirona.

Sirona Technologies - Responsible Engineer.pdf